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Socotra Holidays

Your Journey Begins Here

Joining Group Tours

Welcome to Socotra Holidays and Tours Website, your gateway to unforgettable Socotra Tours . And a guide for your travel to one of the last frontiers of the world. Welcome and discover the unique jewel and the spectacular nature of Socotra.

Dear Customer,
Socotra Island is a paradise on this planet and an Island of dreams and happiness. Have you been to Socotra? If not then you don’t know what you are missing.
you can consider a week trip to this place where Lord Time lost his watch. Because you will feel like you have jumped back thousands of years.
We create bespoke tours at an affordable prices, fulfilling your aspiration and dreams.

Moreover, we will make your tour or your Holiday on Socotra an enjoyable and one of the most memorable trips in your life.
We bring hundreds of tourists to Socotra Island Yemen year round. No matter, which activities you select on your tour. Because, we will secure the best possible deal for you. We are in a position to offer you very low rates, for Socotra travel tours services, hotelsSocotra tours hotels, Eco-tours, trekkingSocotra tours trekking, camping Socotra tours camping, adventures Socotra tours adventures. As well as many other things and activities you can do and discover with us outdoor on this beautiful nature.

Ready for an unforgettable tours ?

To those who wish to experience one of the best holiday time ever, we are excited to offer unlimited fun is represented in a great way.

If you are looking for the best budget tours, affordable and easy travel to Socotra with high quality of services that meets all your needs, and accommodates your budget, then you are in the right place.
Socotra Holidays  will take care of everything from the visa to flight tickets and provide you exclusive socotra-travel-tours packages at affordable prices suitable for everyone.Just get in touch via Email or WhatsappSocotra tours whatsapp or Telegramsocotra travel Telegram and live your dream.

Monthly and Weekly Offers

Socotra Holidays and Tours is an extremely innovative Tours Company offering a number of services and package tours whether for Solo traveler, groups and travel agencies. The best time to visit Socotra Island is from October to the end of March. April and May still good months to travel to Socotra. But the weather will be very hot. We organize Monthly Tours to Socotra for Solo traveler who is willing to join to other Solo travelers in order to reduce the cost. The main goal of this type of tours is to give an opportunity for those with budget restrictions who dreaming to visiting Socotra. We have also private tours for these who prefer to do the tour privately.

Monthly Offers
Socotra tours and camping on Socotra

Camping Tours

Camping Tours
Socotra tours and Family Tours
Family Tours
Family Tours
Socotra tours birdswatching
Birds Watching
birds watching
Socotra tours - Trekking on Socotra
Trekking Tours
Trekking Tours
Socotra tours Fishing on Socotra
Fishing Tours
Fishing Tours
Socotra tours and Adventures
Adventures & Other Activities

Why Choose us ?

We offer to our clients’ a wide variety of tours packages to Socotra Island. and we help them to build the best travel based on their needs and budget.

We are committed to providing high value services to our clients. So we have strong friendships with our partners. Therefore, our main goal is to open new doors by building a common bridge with all, whether tour operators, travel agencies, or individuals. In addition, to showing flexibility to offer innovative, unique tours and high quality services that meet all the needs of our customers.

All of this and much more make us who we are.

Competitive Prices

When you book with us, you’ll get best possible price for all our packages tours in Socotra with high quality of Services. that is the advantage in booking your tour with us.

100% Trusted Tour Company

Our main goal is our customer satisfaction. So we are always on top in terms of customer satisfaction, trusted by most of the tourism companies from worldwide.

100% Customizable

Tell us about your trip requirement. We’ll work together to customize your trip to meet your exact requirement so that you have a memorable trip.


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Essential Advise

Socotra is a unique island which opens to tourism only recently. The island offers a surprising variety of natural beauty:

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visiting season

Essential advises to consider before you visit Socotra. When to visit Socotra? Socotra is the largest Island in Yemen and

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Usefull Information

Currency: The currency in Socotra is Yemeni Riyal. You can exchange money at a bank  or at any money exchange