Monthly Offer Itinerary

All what you need in order to join this tour, you need only to book your flight from your current resident to Abu Dhabi and return, we will take care for your round trip flight from Abu Dhabi to Socotra and back.

Please find below the Itinerary details and what’s included.

Days Itinerary Details
Day 1

Arrival Day – Hadibo – Delisha

Arrival at Socotra airport, we will assist you through the baggage and stamp your passports, then transfer to the hotel in Hadibo to acclimatize and have lunch. After that, our activity is a visit to Delisha beach, which consists of pristine white sand, relaxing and swimming both in the sea and in a freshwater lagoon, all with a beautiful mountainous background. There is also the possibility of witnessing a fabulous sunset from  Delisha . In the evening, return to Hadibo for the fresh and seafood supper also to explore what the town has to offer. Overnight and dinner will be at the hotel in Hadibo.

Day 2

Homhil P.A and ArAr beach

Today after breakfast, we make our way to Homhil protected area, taking in the fabulous sceneries of deep ravines and plains along the way, we will stop at Qaria lagoon en – route which is the largest lagoon on the island and we can hopefully see flamingos, Herons and Green-shank, amongst others. Once at Homhil, we can walk a selection of trails, one of which takes us to a viewpoint where there is a natural pool and a view village below on the plain and of the sea.
Homhil is home to many Dragons Blood trees, the resin of which is collected used and traded by the people of Socotra, bottle trees and Frankincense trees are also prevalent here and deserve a close look.
After that we’ll hike down to the northeast coast of the island to wadi Al-Shifa where the cars can meet us (optional, for who want to do so, medium –half and one hours walk down, or we can go from Homhil to ArAr by Car),
then driving to ArAr beach which is a meeting point of fresh water from the mountain and salt water from the sea.

Arher is also home to another magnificent sand dune… If you are feeling especially fit, you can climb the huge dunes for view that is truly worth the effort. In addition, there are some caves to explore at face of the mountain; one of them is full of water. Therefore, the remainder of the day is for swimming and exploration of this location and climbing the sand. Dinner and overnight are camping in Arher beach.

Day 3

Hoq Cave and Marine protected area of Dihamri

After early breakfast, an adventure geared up again, we will drive by car to Hala area, and then we’ll start our way hiking up by foot to the Hoq cave, it’s about one hour and half until we arrive at the gate of the cave.

The cave itself is 2.5 kilometers long. We’ll spend about an hour and half exploring inside the cave. Walking a long and holds a wealth of Socotri history. Inside we can witness stalactites, stalagmites, and a rim pool. In addition, Ancient writing in the cave walls and appears to be a picture of an old trading ship has been preserve over the ages by a calcite glaze. There is also evidence to suggest that the cave used for ritual purposes by the presence of mysterious alter.

After that, we will hike down by foot to the first point where we left our cars; we’ll have our lunch, and then drive to the marine protected area of Dihamri (coral reef spot) which is home to one of the richest coral reefs of the archipelago. and also it’s the best place for snorkeling.

You’ll be astonished when you observe the variation of fishes and coral reefs the many marine creatures to be seen whilst swimming /snorkeling include: parrotfish, Moray eel, Rays, Sea urchins, etc.

we would like to remind people not to touch the corals in the marine protected area as this would cause irreversible damage. Enjoy explore this fabulous location of the area. Dinner and overnight camping at Dihamry.

Day 4

Wadi Killisan, Difa’arhu- sand dunes of Hayf and Zahek and Omaq beach

Today, we will drive to Momi plateau in order to visit Killisan Canyon, which is of the most amazing sites famous for its natural fresh water and swimming pools., you will walk about 50-minutes or so in order to reach this location, but it is well worth the effort, Enjoy swimming in turquoise pools and jumping from the ledges into crystal clear waters.

After that, we will take our way by cars to the south of the Island (Nowgad) our way passing through Difa’arhu canyon where we can see traditional villages and natural water pools at the bottom of the canyon.The unusual Desert Rose tree clings to many places on the canyon walls.

We will then witness the colossal sand dunes of Hayf and Zahiq villages, which have been push up against the mountainside by the seasonal winds of Socotra. If you are feeling especially fit, you can climb the dunes for view that is truly worth the effort.

After that we’ll drive by car to Omaq beach and campsite, here you can swim in the water of the Indian Ocean and also witnessing a magnificent sunset. Dinner and overnight camping at the beach.

Day 5

Degub cave, Dixsam plateau, wadi Derhur and Fermihin forest

After Breakfast on the beach, we will visit Degub cave, which overlooks a scattering of traditional villages below, the cave itself, is of interest as there are many stalactites, stalagmites and pools of water that has seeped through the rock over time.

After that we will drive to Dixsam plateau, we begin our natural wonderland discovery of the island as we drive for an interesting visit this plateau (Most of the people here are Bedouins/nomads) and we experience their traditional
generous welcome and the typical lifestyle), here we will find the most famous botanical curiosities of Socotra is the Dragon’s blood tree
(Dracaena cinnabari), with its unique flora and see some of the birds which are exclusive to the island such as Socotra Bunting (Emberiza socotrana).

This area is renowned for the native dragon blood trees, the resin of which is collected, used and traded by the people of Socotra,  The Shebahon viewpoint gives a fabulous vista overlooking Daerhur canyon where we will see unusual yet beautiful rock formations.
We will then make our way down by car
(or walk for who want to do so, it’s optional) to the wadi for lunch and an easy – going walk and maybe also to swim in the freshwater pools in the wadi, then we’ll go to fermihin forest which a home for dragoon blood trees. Dinner and overnight camping in Fermihin.

Day 6

Qadamah,Gubbah, Qalansyia / Detwah P.A

After breakfast, Our way today will be west to Qalansyia through Qadamah and Ghubba, we will stop on our way to see the salt pit, which is used by the locals to make salt.
On your way to Qalansiya. You will see many old tanks dating back to the Soviet Union. once we arrive to Qalanciya. We look around this charming and picturesque fishing town. With its traditional houses and narrow alleyways, also Qalansyia, the inhabitants’ main income is from fishing and date palm plantations.
There is a big landing site for the small fishing boats. Where we can look at the variety of fish caught today.
Then we go to the protected area of Ditwah lagoon. Which is a protected area and renowned for its spectacular landscape. And also there are some palm shelters and toilets have been provided by local staff.
Detwah Lagoon the magnificent view opens on the turquoise blue water of the lagoon and the fine white sand of the shore.
The tidal flats at Detwah are very scenic and the beach un spoilt and beautiful. Waders are present in good numbers on the lagoon.


Stingrays can be seen in the lagoon, so please take care when you walking in the lagoon. Also it’s possible if you want to witness the picturesque sunset to the Island, Dinner and overnight camping on the Ditwah beach

Day 7

Sho’ab beach – Ayhaft – Hadibo

After breakfast at Detwah we will take a boat excursion to the marvelous of Shouab beach, (The most beautiful beach on Socotra),: Whilst driving the boat, you’ll witness  hundreds of dolphins’ bevies with the crystal water of Shouab beach. and on most of the days, dolphins groups can be witness and lopping right next to the boat. And if luck stand by you… you will be rewarded by swimming with the very rare ocean dolphins which is common to see in the water of Socotra.
Also during the excursion we will see some of the sea birds, Squadrons of Socotra Communions, sea gulls and Grey herons, cormorants also frequent the area. We’ll carry on all the way through a magnificent rock faces and clear until we arrive to Shoab Beach.
Once at Shu’ab, you will discover the beauty of Shouab beach. With the clear water and white sands you can snorkel, relax, swim and enjoy this pristine beach setting complete with mangroves..
Later, we’ll take the boat ride back to Qalansyia. And then we will drive back to Hadibo, on our way we will make a trip to Ayhaft Canyon National park. Here we can find large fresh water pools, tamarind trees, Cucumber trees and wide variety of birds such as the Socotra sparrow, Socotra Sunbird and both the Socotra and Somali Starling. In fact, Ayhaft is considered as a natural nursery due to its large abundance of endemic trees and plants and bird.
And then we will return to the hotel on Hadibo for Dinner and overnight.

Day 8

Flying back to Abu Dhabi

After breakfast, we will do city tour and visit fish market and then transfer to Socotra airport for flight back to Abu Dhabi.

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