bird watching
bird watching
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Egyptian Vulture

Why we should talk about bird watching on Socotra? Because it is rich in endemic birds and rare, they can be watch all year round.

Many Bird watchers come to Socotra because of the great number of species recorded here. Moreover, Socotra Island is one of the most unique places on this planet. And many of the species on the island are endemic. More than 223 bird species have been recorded of which more than 49 are known, or supposed, to breed on the island. Among the Island birds, at least 8 species are endemics not found anywhere else the world. such as Socotra Starling (Onychognathus frater), Socotra Sunbird (Chalcomitra balfouri), Socotra Sparrow (Passer insularis), Socotra Golden-winged Grosbeak (Rhynchostruthus socotranus). Socotra Warbler (Incana incana), Socotra Buzzard (Buteo buteo), Socotra Scops-Owl (Otus socotranus), Socotra Cisticola (Cisticola haesitatusand Socotra Bunting (Emberiza socotrana)

bird watching  areas?

It would be necessary to visit some sites. However, in one week most birders should be able to explore all the better birding sites on the Island. And in doing so contribute to the understanding of the distribution of Socotra’s birds. About which much is still to be discovered. On a one-week trip or two. It is still likely that good coverage will turn up one or two new species for the island’s list. Those with limited time should concentrate on Wadi Ayhaft National Park, Deham and Dixam plateau.

Some birds can be watched in Wadi hazafaq (Wadi Denegen). such as Socotra Sunbird and Socotra Sparrow which are common in this area. Golden-winged Grosbeak and Socotra Starling are both present. though the latter is well-outnumbered by the ubiquitous Somali Starling. Bird watching on Socotra.

Wadi Shoq, lying to the east of the Qrahan plain. It has a number of date palm plantations. which are a good locality for Socotra Scops-Owl.
Some of the taller palms hold wintering Black-crowned Night Heron, a relatively scarce species on Socotra, some birds can be watch in Net. since there is a forest of Mangrove trees.

bird watching

This excellent and verdant wadi lies about an hour’s drive from Hadibu. The habitat contains good numbers of large trees. And this is easily the best locality we visited for finding Golden-winged Grosbeak. As well as Socotra Sunbird in good numbers.

Socotra Bunting is sometimes recorded from higher sections of the track.

The road terminates at a small settlement, around which Socotra warbler can be found. Socotra Starling is also present in the area on the Dixsam plateau. is the stronghold of the rare and localized Socotra Bunting. which is, without doubt, the most difficult of the endemics to locate. This is also the stronghold of the Socotra Starling, which is relatively common here.

Qaryah is the largest lagoon on Socotra Island. Sometimes attracting good numbers of ducks and waders and some other birds.

We have birding guides available who are familiar with the Island. And the location of the different species of birds. We can tailor a bird watching tour just for you.

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Bird watching on Socotra is the ultimate in tourist expeditions. You will never forget your visit and you will come again. Bird watching on Socotra.

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