Groups Tour To Socotra Island

Small travel groups for solo travelers (a unique experience)

Join a small group tours is a specialty for solo travelers and we offer best travel tours packages and group travel. Unlike other travel tour companies, expect an in-depth style of travel, because we are the best group travel companies for solo travelers.

Why joining to small group tours?

If you want to save money, joining a group tour is definitely the best option for you, because, cutting costs, meeting new friends and getting great deals are all benefits of participating in a small group tour, this experience opens up opportunities to connect with other people and saving money as well.

Endless fun awaits those who choose to join one of our small group tour with a unique twist for solo travelers. Immersing yourself in travel with Socotra Holidays leads to an in-depth understanding of the most fascinating places on Socotra Island. You’ll obtain an authentic comprehension of the distinct localities, folks, landscapes, and customs in the regions of Socotra.

Guaranteed departures.

These group tours have fixed dates with a limit of just 3-7 people and are open to anyone who wishes to join, we guarantee that you’ll have an unforgettable experience. The tours are packed with adventure and fun to make sure you get the most out of your holiday.

 So, If the mentioned dates not working for you, you can set your travel date by contacting us and we’ll find you some suitable participants.

We also offer private tours, if you prefer a more private experience, Just send us Email or a message via WhatsApp or Telegram or Instagram, with your preferred travel date, and we’ll organize everything for you.

Socotra group tours

October Group Tour

All Departures in October Guaranteed

Start Date: October 4th, 2024

End Date: October 11th, 2024

 departure (2)

Start Date: October 8th, 2024

End Date: October 15th, 2024

 departure (3)

Start Date: October 11th, 2024

End Date: October 18th, 2024

 departure (4)

Start Date: October 18th, 2024

End Date: October 25th, 2024

 departure (5)

Start Date: October 22nd, 2024

End Date: October 29th, 2024

1550$ for Solo Traveler

1475$ for Couple P/P



3 – 7  Pax Maximum

The itinerary details  and what’s including in the prices, Click here please

group tours

November Group Tour

All Departures in November Guaranteed

 departure (1)

Start Date: Nov 1st, 2024

End Date: Nov 8th, 2024

departure (2)

Start Date: Nov 8th, 2024

End Date: Nov 15th, 2024

departure (3)

Start Date: Nov 12th, 2024

End Date: Nov 19th, 2024

departure (4)

Start Date: Nov 15th, 2024

End Date: Nov 22nd, 2024

departure (5)

Start Date: Nov 22nd, 2024

End Date: Nov 29th, 2024

departure (6)

Start Date: Nov 19th, 2024

End Date: Nov 26th, 2024

departure (7)

Start Date: Nov 26th, 2024

End Date: Dec 3rd, 2024

1550$ for Solo Traveler

1475$ for Couple P/P



7 Pax Maximum

For the itinerary details and what’s including in the prices, Click here please

group tour

December Group Tour

First departure

Start Date: December 3rd, 2024

End Date: December 10th, 2024

Second departure

Start Date: December 6, 2024

End Date: December 13th, 2024

Third departure

Start Date: December 13, 2024

End Date: December 20th, 2024

Fourth departure

Start Date: December 17th, 2024

End Date: December 24, 2024

Fifth departure

Start Date: December 20th, 2024

End Date: December 27th, 2024

Sixth departure

Start Date: December 24, 2024

End Date: December 31st, 2024

Seventh departure

Start Date: December 27th, 2024

End Date: Jan 3rd, 2025

1550$ for Solo Traveler

1475$ for Couple P/P


7 Pax Maximum

For the itinerary and what’s including in the prices, Click here please

January Group Tour

group tours

The Tour available every Friday

1300$ for Solo Traveler

1225$ for Couple P/P


7 Pax Maximum

Read more about itinerary details  and what’s including in the prices, Click here please

February Group Tour

group tours to Socotra

First Group

Start Date: Tuesday, February 6, 2024

End Date: Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Second Group

Start Date: Tuesday, Feb. 20, 2024

End Date: Tuesday, Feb.  27, 2024

1300$ for Solo Traveler

1225$ for Couple P/P


7 Pax Maximum

The itinerary details  and what’s including in the prices, Click here please

March Group Tour

March group tours

First Group

Start Date: Tuesday, Feb 27, 2024

End Date: Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Second Group

Start Date: Tuesday, March 19, 2024

End Date: Tuesday, March 26, 2024

1300$ for Solo Traveler

1225$ for Couple P/P


7 Pax Maximum

The itinerary details and what’s including in the prices, Click here please

The Itinerary for group tours and what’s including

Upon your arrival at Socotra Airport, we will personally meet and greet you and guide you through the luggage retrieval process as well as assist with passport stamping.

Once everything is taken care of, we will take you to Hadibo where we can enjoy a lovely lunch. Then, we will go to the city if you want to exchange some money into local currency (Yemeni Rial).

After that move on to our first activity: we’ll go to Delisha beach via Socotra seaport, wandering along the pristine white sands of Delisha coast.

Here, we can relax and go for a refreshing swim in both the sea and a freshwater lagoon, all while enjoying the scenic backdrop of the mountains, there’s even a chance to see a breathtaking sunset from Delisha.

As the night draws near, we can enjoy a scrumptious dinner of fresh seafood before settling down for a first night of camping on Delisha beach. (Toilet and shower available. )

After breakfast, we’ll make our way to Momi Plateau, we’ll explore the stunning landscapes of Wadi Kelisan, a deep valley surrounded by towering cliffs and filled with crystal-clear pools of water.

walking down into the valley (it’s about 40 – 50 minutes walking), but it is well worth the effort, Enjoy swimming in turquoise pools and jumping from the ledges into crystal clear waters. enjoy exploring the valley, swimming in the pools, and having lunch (picnic).

After that, we will transfer to the Marine Protected area of Dihamri, which is the best place for snorkeling and diving. The area is home to a wide variety of marine life, including colorful fish, sea turtles, and even reef sharks.

Please do not touch the corals, because this would cause irreversible damage. Dinner and overnight camping in Dihamri. (Toilet and shower available.)

Today after breakfast, we will make our way to the Natural protected area of ​​Homhil, which is home to many Frankincense trees, bottle trees and Dragons Blood trees.

Once at Homhil we will explore the area, taking a viewpoint that offers stunning vistas of the surrounding landscapes and then we will start first with a trek down to the swimming pool (15 – 20 minutes).

This trek is really worth it, as the views from the natural swimming pool are simply breathtaking.

Then we will hike down to Wadi Al-shifa (optional, trekking about 1.20 hours) where our car is waiting for us or we will return to Homhil and go by car to Arher beach.

Arher is also home to another magnificent sand dune and the beach is a stunning stretch of coastline consumed by enormous sand dunes that are created during the monsoon season.

So, if you feel healthy you can climb the dunes for a view that is truly worth the effort.

Also you can see a fresh water stream coming down from the mountain to the sea, enjoy swimming and explore the area.

Arher is also a wonderful place to witness the sunrise, atop the sand dunes, it will be one of the most magnificent scenes of your life (we guess).

So if you want to witness the sunrise, we recommend that you go to sleep early in order to waking up early to witness sunrise.

Dinner and overnight camping at Arher beach. (Toilet and shower available.)

After breakfast, another adventure waiting you, we will visit Hoq Cave; our hike up about 1.5 hours to reach to the gate of the cave.
The long of the cave is about 2.5 kilometers.

You can see a natural wonder that is filled with unique rock formations and ancient inscriptions. The cave is still very raw and untouched so be careful as you explore it.

There are no handrails or paved paths, then we’ll hike down to the first point where we left our car.

After that we will ahead to the south part of Socotra via wadi Difa’arhu, another great adventure takes you to the Zaheq Sand Dunes and Omaq Beach which are some of our clients’ favorite destinations.

However the journey there is not to be overlooked. You will see towering cliffs, mountain villages, random oasis and beautiful bottleneck and dragon trees.

Unique and otherworldly landscapes of towering sand dunes that seem to stretch on forever await you upon your arrival to Zaheq.

We will head to Omaq Beach, a secluded and tranquil stretch of sand that is perfect for a relax and swimming in the Indian Ocean.

In the afternoon, we will witness the colossal sand dunes of Hayf and Zahiq, you can climb the dunes for view that is truly worth the effort and witnessing a magnificent sunset.

Dinner and overnight camping at the beach. (Toilet and shower available)

Today we will visit the Digub Cave, a natural wonder that is filled with stalactites and stalagmites.

After that we will take our way to the famous Diksam plateau, which is located at an elevation of over 700 meters above sea level and provides breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape.

The plateau is home to the island’s famous dragon’s blood trees, which are a unique species found only on Socotra Island.

These trees have a distinctive umbrella-like shape and produce a bright red sap that has been used for medicinal purposes for centuries. Local legend has it that a dragon crash landed and perished on the island; which is why the trees bleed the red sap.

Then we will drive down to wadi Dirhur where you will have lunch under the shade of the legendary dragon blood trees with the sides of the canyon making even the tallest human feel tiny.

After lunch, we will head to Firmhen forest!  you’ll start the climb up to one of the rarest forests in the world.

The dragon blood trees grow on Socotra Island only. Scientists have tried planting it elsewhere without success.

The Firmhen Forest also contains a dense forest of bottle trees, which are also endemic to Socotra Island. We will take some time to explore the area and take in the beauty of these unique trees and an unforgettable sunset!

Dinner and overnight camping in Firmhen forest.

We will head today to the west part of the Socotra, ( Qalansiya), we will visit first the salt pit, which is used by the locals to make salt.
also On your way you will see many old tanks dating back to the Soviet Union.

Once you arrive at the town Qalansiyah, you’ll be taken to the famous “lookout” point. If you don’t know what that is, good, you’re going to love it. Spend the day on Detwah beach relaxing in the sun or playing in the lagoon pools created by the tides.

Also you we will make a tour to the famous Caveman of Socotra. We will have fresh seafood and then we will have a short hike to another viewpoint to watch a breathtaking sunset.

Dinner and overnight camping in Detwah. (Toilet and shower available )

After breakfast, We will have boat trip to the golden sand beach of Shoab from the coastline of Qalansiyah Beach.

During the boat ride you’ll get to witness gigantic cliffs that look like they’re straight out of the movies with a unique blend of colors and sand that ranges from white to pink to red.

The water is a beautiful shade of blue and is perfect! More often than not, you will encounter pods of spinner dolphins that love to play with the boat! (if you are lucky, you’ll see a whale shark!).

It’s one of our favorite activities during the whole tour! Feel free to swim with them if you like.

Later we will return by boat to Qalanciya and we will have our lunch after that drive back to Hadibo.

But as our itinerary includes a visit to Ayhaft Canyon National Park, a majestic destination that houses an impressibly spacious swimming pools and a variety of indigenous vegetation including tamarind and cucumber trees.

As well as a diverse range of birds such as the Somali and Socotra Starling, the Socotra sun-bird, and the Socotra sparrow.

In fact, Ayhaft is renowned for being a natural nursery thanks to its abundance of native acacias and plants as well as its flourishing bird population.

Then back to hotel in Hadibo for Dinner and overnight at the Hotel.

After breakfast, we will do city tour and we will visit fish market and Socotra Women Development Association shop and we can buy some souvenirs.

After that we will transfer to Socotra airport for flight back home

The itinerary and prices above are including the following services:-

  • Pick-up or Drop-off service from and to Airport.
  • All Transportation during the tour using 4WD Land Cruiser Modern and comfortable Cars .
  • Food all along the tour (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner ) and drinking water during the tour.
  • All the required permits and protected areas entry fee.
  • English speaking tour guide.
  • 6 nights camping, including, tent (we pitch and fold the tent for you) Mattress, bed sheets, comfy pillow, blanket, Tables and chairs except sleeping bags.
  • One night Hotel accommodation (last night of the tour) one single room for each.
  • Excursion boat trip from Qalanciya to Shoab beach.
  • Visa fee.
  • Local guides in specific excursions.

Not included in the price.

  •  Your travel and medical insurance.
  • International Airfare AUH – SCT – AUH (the cost is 930$ ( 3350AED ) .
  • Snorkeling and diving equipment.
  • Expenses of personal purpose.
  • Any other services not mentioned above are not included in the price.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Yes, all departures guaranteed 100%.

There are 2 weekly flights from Abu Dhabi to Socotra every Tuesday and Friday ( Friday’s flight scheduled from OCT 20 up to the end of March, For April the flights are every Tuesday and Friday) , both flights have the same timetable.

– Flight NO 476, leaves Abu Dhabi airport at 9 O’clock before noon (UAE time zone) and arrives Socotra airport at 10:20 ِِِAM, Yemen time zone.
– Flight NO 477, depart Socotra airport at 11:50 ( Yemen time zone), arrives to Abu Dhabi airport at 15:05 (UAE time zone).

All what you need only to book your flight from your current residence to Abu Dhabi and back, we will take care for your flight from Abu Dhabi to Socotra and return.

First select your suitable date. Second, send us a text message including a copy of your passport (the first page which has your personal info), in order to book your spot as well as to book your flight from Abu Dhabi to Socotra and return.

Also we will use your passport copy to obtain your visa from here, please remember, your passport should be valid for at least six months.

Regarding the tour cost, no need an advance deposit, so you can pay cash in your arrival day to Socotra.

For the ticket cost, you should transfer the money an advance to the airline bank account in UAE, we will send you their bank account details once you confirm your tour booking.

There is no cancellation fee if the cancellation is made before the visa is issued (we usually issue the visa within 10-15 days of the tour date). But if you cancel the tour after getting the visa, you have to pay the visa cost only which is $150.

Yes, without any doubt, It is very safe. So travel like you live here.

Yes, there is internet in most places in Socotra, so you can get hotspot from your guide or driver, but it’s weak, not like the internet you use in your country.

Or you can buy Etisalat Sim card from Abu Dhabi airport, because its covers most places of Socotra.

Yes, all the camping sites supplied with shower and toilet, except Fermihin camping site.

You can bring the tour cost with you, plus 150$ If you need to buy souvenirs or anything from Socotra.

We recommend you bring a power bank with you if you have, and bring your USB cable, because our cars ( Toyota Land Cruisers) supply with car chargers, so, it is easy to recharge your devices via USB cable.