Tourism in Socotra – Overview

Socotra Island is a unique Island which opened to tourism only recently.

The tourism in Socotra still not the same international market in regard the Infrastructure, It’s getting better from year to year.
The tourism in Socotra is Eco-tourism system and it’s excellent destination for the nature lovers.Tourism in Socotra

So, if you are seeking for Luxury vacation with 5* Hotels, nights clubs, bars,….,etc, Socotra is not your choice, you can go to another place.

The tourism in Socotra offers a surprising variety of natural beauty: mountains overlooking the sea, plains covered with palm trees, long white beaches, limestone plateaus, incredible nature covered with rare plants and trees and deep ravines.

The Island visitors can find unique animal and birds species that give the tourism in Socotra a primordial look.

The Tourism in Socotra, please consider the following advises :

In order to have fully enjoy your stay on Socotra, please keep in mind that you are not allowed to take any natural materials back home.

Any attempt to collect or expert animals or plants (including seeds), living or dead, is illegal and will be considered smuggling and hunting is illegal on Socotra.

Please respect wildlife, natural features and habitats and take care not to disturb them.

You are welcome to buy local products such as dragoon blood resin, myrrh, frankincense, aloe sap, traditional medicinal products and Socotri honey; it is legal to take these to your home country.

In order to enjoy your tourism in Socotra, Please keep in mind the following things.

  • Don’t touch, just take a photo.
  • Do not collect or take corals, sea shells, fish bones or beach sand, their exports is prohibited by the international convention CITES.
  • Make Socotra as your home and keep it cleans.
  • Don’t kill anything except the time.
  • Do not leave or throw any litter, cans and bottles in the places you camp or in any where you visit.
  • Make sure to leave the campsite clean.
  • All rubbish must be put in the plastic bag which always available with your drive.
  • Don’t take photographs for army sites in anywhere in Socotra.
  • Use only dead wood for fire.
  • At the all places where you diving or snorkeling don’t touch or damage the coral.
  • Don’t swim in the sea if it high wave this is for safety.

Thank you for your attention and wishing you a very pleasant trip and stay in the Island of Socotra.

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