fishing tours in socotra island

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For an offshore fishing tours that will be the highlight of your vacation. we hope that you will join us for one of the most popular and interesting Activities to do in Socotra Fishing Tours.

And we promise to work hard, put you on the fish and satisfy your needs. We are offering to our customers a very economical all inclusive priced packages for your convenience. So If you are looking for unforgettable moments to catch some fish.

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Things to know before you come

The fishing tours on Socotra Island provides an unforgettable moments of adventure, local boat. But at the same time there are some precautions to be taken due the island’s eco-system and marine reserves.

However you can fish using popping or jigging. But the fishing using the spear gun not allowed. The boats we use during the fishing trips are local fishermen boats. and a boat size between 7-8 meters with outboard motor (40 horsepower) which is enough to take maximum 3 anglers.

When to come for fishing tours?

If you are looking for a fascinating fishing tours experience on Socotra. The prime season for fishing is from October to November. but the ideal time for fishing start from February to May. with breathtaking sceneries and we providing action packed deep sea adventures for many of satisfied anglers.

What fish will we catch?

There are many species of fish to be caught on Socotra. the fish we target are: King Fish, GT.(Giant Travelers), Groupers (Hamour), Tuna, Barracudas and a variety of snapper species,.., etc. You will feel the beauty of nature and mixed with the real adventure which are always exciting trips.

If you have any question about fishing tours. Please feel free to contact us at anytime. Looking forward to welcoming you soon.