Socotra Holidays and Tours works closely with you to secure the lowest rates possible, then we put those rates to good use by offering our tours at an excellent value not necessarily the lowest price, but the best ratio of price to experiences, quality, and service, which allows us to move about more flexibly and efficiently which make you able to enjoy more spontaneous encounter experience, a high degree of freedom and independence.

Unlike other destinations, we offer for you ecosystems tours and numerous ethnic groups.

If you Planning a trip for the entire family? Group of friends, University & college groups? Or are you a team of a corporation or company looking for an innovative, yet cost effective way to motivate your sales force?

Groups tour in all over the Island:

Your journey begins in the fascinating ancient city of Hadibu with planning to the coast with Socotra endless beaches, Socotra Island ending on perhaps the world’s most unique ecological reserve.

Socotra Holidays and Tours, specialized Inbound Department can help you plan any kind of trip.
Exclusively, we’ll be here to assist you in all the details of your group and to address any difficult situations that may arise.
The biggest advantage to consider in planning a group tour with Socotra Holidays and tours is that you will be taken care of from the very first e-mail to the last day of your trip, by the same group of specialists. With the assistance of our Inbound Department, this will guarantee that all of the details of your trip are taken care of.


Competitive Rates

We bring hundreds of passengers to Socotra year round. No matter which destination you select on your trip we will secure the best possible deal for you. We are in a position to offer you very low rates, in travel services, hotels, adventure experts. That is the advantage in booking with Socotra Holidays and Tours.

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We have become the largest on line tour operator for Socotra due to our distinctive product knowledge of tours inside the Island. Aside from that, all land tours and transportation is provided with modern vehicles, drivers and certified guides. All of this and much more make us who we are.
Let us make your vacation memorable and one of the most trips in your life!
Whatever the type of the group you have, we can help you. Just send us an email.