Trekking On Socotra
Trekking tours in Socotra Island is fascinating for it unexplored regions and offers breathtaking, enthralling trekking routes.
In addition, the vast mountain ranges of “Haghier” and Diksam plateau. There are limitless possibilities for trekking tours. Within the alluring arena, the Scand, Diksam plateau, Adhu Demali, Fa’arah, and Fermihin regions occupy the center of the Island.  With some points of interest for the trekkers.Toursits trekking on Socotra

Spectacular views apart. The Haghier foothills are just ideal for trekking tours offering energetic outdoor people a different and exciting option for their holiday.

 The Scant, Tinnera, Firmihin and Dersmotin regions are the most popular destinations for trekkers.

As well as, Ayhaft Canyon, Momi, Qashelnt Disokareh, Homhil and some places in the west and south-west also have some very interesting trekking routes as well.

Roads should be carefully chosen as some treks may be more difficult, or many involve higher-altitude trekking and it is generally advisable to be accompanied by a local guide.

Ensure that the pace of the trek is not too rapid. Since this could result in exhaustion and would in any case not be enjoyable.

Adho Dimail SocotraSocotra Holidays and Tours offers complete trekking services. We know the best places and routes and we can make your trekking tours experience on Socotra a memory to last a lifetime.

Camel Trekking Tours

You can also incorporate a camel trek into other activities, combining them, as you like to make your visit on Socotra very special.

Camel trekking is an exotic and fun experience and there are limitless possibilities for Camel trekking on Socotra regions.

So it is very ideal for this adventure, offering energetic outdoor people a different and exciting option for their holiday.

Cross the mountains on camels with guides and experience views. You could hardly imagine. Camp under the stars for a complete experience.Socotra trekking Tours

Virtually everything you will need or want will be done. In order to make your trekking tours experience on Socotra one of the most memorable trips of your life.

Looking forward to welcoming you and we are ready to arrange your next trekking tours on Socotra.

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